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Bitsolives Login: India’s Moshin Jameel, the CEO of several government-investigated investment avenues, offers a crypto profit gig.

It’s a strictly in-platform affair since the website shows only a Godaddy ads plaster. PRs market loyalty perks, crypto bonuses, and several treats for qualified affiliates.

You can boot a cycle through any of these membership registration steps.

Diamond _ available for ten thousand euros (€10000)

Platinum _ available for five thousand euros (€5000)

Gold _ available for one thousand euros (€1000)

Silver _ available for two hundred euros (€200)

Further, the review section just under the Bitsolives App page on Play store has at least seventy-five percent (75%) positive feedback, which doesn’t really factor in the relevance. Given that PRs would ordinarily spur traction by adding positive reviews to the row, other views are necessary for a balance.

Bitsolives is offered by Bull Infotech Limited, a blockchain development company that also caters to the following aspects:

  • Strategic blockchain architecting and consulting,
  • Smart Contracts design and implementation,
  • ICOs and crypto token development,
  • Crypto Asset Exchange,
  • Blockchain solutions tailored to your industry, and
  • Digital Marketing.

Currently, HTTP Bitsolives Login is the surrogate portal for the app, which has recorded zero few downloads. Also, Moshin Jameel is the CEO of Bull Infotech LTD, among other companies to his name.

But there is more to the whole business roadmap. We start the following section with a highlight of Moshin Jameel’s business in India (as reported by Tribune India). Also, learn about the Bitsolives Login procedure in this post. Read on below for details.

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Bitsolives Login: Police FIRs Involving CEO Moshin

An Indian journal, Tribunal India, covered an underreported scam operated by CEO Moshin’s other implicated partners, MD Jagjit Singh, and co. The sham was run under the behest of Jameel’s consultation firms, eventually going bankrupt and leaving someone hundred and forty-seven investors penniless. The report also shows that some affiliates committed suicide.

Upon disclosure, the police began an FIR process to get subpoenas for the culpable execs, succeeding in arresting crucial fronts. MD Jagjit pledged to return his loot but jumped bail.

CEO Moshin Jameel is outside the cordon, thus avoiding arrest in the United kingdom

Before the police crackdown, CEO Moshin’s enterprise tried to shunt the cash stream through go-between companies and a few hastily-designed makeshifts, attempting to split the bag before investors detect the business afoot.

Jameel would spend the next decade growing other projects, holding seminars in Thailand and Dubai. Credit Crown Fund and Tradenext Global Limited are two such stints run by Jameel.

Fairly ten years later in 2021, CEO Moshin began his Bull Infotech company from his U.K haven, with Bitsolives as the latest item in the cart.

So, here we are. After Crown Coin, Bitso Lives, and other iterations, the company rebrands to Blitsolives. How does it work? Besides the Bitsolives Login portal, the platform avails affiliates of several profit options. See the compensation plan in the following section.

Affiliate Compensation Plan

The underlying schema is an ROI-tacked membership tier plan. You enter a cycle by paying the specified amounts.


A twenty-five percent (25%) bonus is payable on seeded (for 180 days) BuxCoin profits.

Accordingly, the ROIs per tier are:

Diamond pays €30000 after a cycle

Platinum pays €12000 after a cycle

Gold pays €2000 after a cycle

And Silver pays €320 after a cycle

As with previous withdrawal options in previous iterations, Bitsolives only supports a twofold channel: the in-platform traded Buxcoin and Bitcoin.

Members are allowed a proportionate 70:30 ratio for withdrawing ROIs through Buxcoins and Bitcoin.

Further, affiliates earn percentage profits per referral depending on their tiers.

Diamond and Platinum earn 10%: Gold, 8%; and Silver, 6%.

Additionally, affiliates get matching bonuses calculable from an MLM unilevel lattice. Here is how it works.

Bitsolives Login: Unilevel Bonus

Personally recruited members form the First Level of the Unilevel downline. Their recruited members make up the Second Level, which has unlimited slots, while subsequent levels are filled similarly. The grid serves as an upline/downline reference.

Bitsolives Login
MLM Unilevel Grid

Below are the available bonuses per level, continuing down an infinite level.

Diamond _ pays 10% between Level 3-1 and 5% on Level 7-4.

Platinum _ pays 10% between Level 3-1 and 5% on Level 5-4.

Gold _ pays 10% between Level 3-1

Silver _ pays 10% only on the First Level downline.

Bitsolives Login: Binary Team Bonus

Apart from the unilevel match, Bitsolives affiliates also earn profits from the binary team commission grid. If you are new to MLMs, see how the scheme works.

The affiliate’s personally recruited members fill the First Level. The First Level referrals boot the Second Level by recruiting people to invest in Bitsolives. Subsequently, the recursive arrangement yields a typical MLM binary compensation grid.

It grows organically (as MLMs fondly call the downline lattice principle).

128 BTC
MLM Binary Team

Profits on the binary teams are tier-weighted, with everyone earning capped percentage bonuses per cycle.

Diamond _ pays 12% per week (€25000 cap)

Platinum _ pays 10% per week (€15000 cap)

Gold _ pays 8% per week (€10000 cap)

Silver _ pays 6% per week (€5000 cap)

See the Bitsolive Login procedure in the following section.

How to Sign in to Bitsolive

You can access the Bitsolives Login page online. Then, follow the steps below to sign in to your account dashboard.

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Click on the dropdown menu icon (three short bars at the top of the homepage).
  3. Enter your phone number and email address.
  4. Also, provide your referral code.
  5. Then, click on Login.

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