Convert USD to Pula | 1BWP to 1USD, Current Exchange Rates

Convert USD to Pula (currently 1:11.53997) using averaging rates pulled from reliable several months’ historical exchange stats.

We present a concise record of the current conversions in this article, accordingly redacting the 1USD/Pula through corresponding rates. Also, we offer a brief analysis of prevalent sentiments available on popular forex listings.

Why check for the USD: BWP pair-off?

Here is one reason you may need to look up this data: references. Sometimes, business involves buying a foreign currency and reselling it. 

Lugging wads of bills around the marketplace is taking the back seat in the twenty-first century. Instead of moving cash directly from the creditor to the desired destination, traders (and non-traders) prefer using forex (money) transmitters.

What is a forex transmitter, then? It is, more or less, any plug that moves money in less bulky costly currencies. Also, it is the same set as payment instrument sellers and deferred presentment providers (each one has its peculiar features and mode of operations under any country’s applicable statutes). In this case, referencing the daily stats for updated USD: BWP (Botswana Pula) rates helps a lot.

See the Convert USD to Pula details in the sections below.

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Convert USD to Pula: What you need to know

The reasons for wanting an up-to-date USD to BWP rates (no matter how variable) affect daily activities that involve both currencies. If necessary, you can always check that the records in your access align with data from the Bank of Botswana

Also, the following online conversion sites are of incredible use as per ascertaining the traded rates for periods ranging from June 2021 to January (any month) 2022. (the page for USD>BWP) (check the history for BWP>USD)

Besides charts from these two plugs, you can access details like sentiments, busy areas (periods of increased buys/sells), and forward-looking statements about the Convert USD to Pula monthly trends. In this case, you can anticipate swings and likely USD: BWP rates before the period sets.

How can you verify that your preferred sites are reliable?

If you do not know where to tether predictions from online exchanges (which proliferate the internet, by the way), check that the published rates reflect figures from the Bank of Botswana (BoB).

See the current Convert USD to Pula exchange rates in the following section.

The current USD: BWP rates

Here, we outline the applicable conversions for forex transactions as of 13/1/2022. 

One Botswana Pula (1BWP) is 0.08665533792548 US dollars. Conversely, the figure is 1USD to 11.53997BWP, a more presentation for Boatswains (or other people transmitting USD funds via the countries forex).


Ascertaining the updated Convert USD to Pula rates is not akin to knowing the best time to request conversions. If you want an overview of this (we make the caveat that the information is not financial advice), read the section below for details. 

Should You Change Now?

Since we are talking about foreign exchanges, we’ll like to notify you that pointers and fixes are necessarily sentiments. It does not constitute invariable proof of USD: BWP stability for any period.

Extrapolating from the available data online, 15 December 2021, a month ago, was the most recent peak profit mark for conversions. If you sold $100 in this period, you could make P1182.11 (take or leave P2.0).


USD: BWP rates may only be average values, adjusting for the last 24hourly lows/highs in DOW, NASDAQ, and S&P derivatives, which is why consulting a corresponding BoB USD chart for hourly listing is the best option.

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