Gainvest Login | Sign Up and Earn up to N150000 per Month online

Gainvest Login: you can access the crop of weekly returns on concluded Gainvest daily tasks with a basic N700 subscription.

It is the latest gig for Nigerians looking to earn passive incomes, allowing participants to share provided videos, ads, and links on social media platforms. Reportedly, the company is an exclusively Nigerian-only site.

Do you want to know about this passive income avenue? If yes, read this article.

Moreover, we explain the Gainvest Login procedure at the end. Read on below for details.

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Gainvest Login: About the Platform

The deal is that you will earn profits for completing a few set tasks every day. The daily token is basically N500. But you can set it to weekly pay piles to accumulate a sizeable amount in cash.

Here is an honest opinion, though. Gainvest is off the mark for any legitimate business. Here is why.

Gainvest is essentially an ads tableau. You take this offer and get that result. No information about the revenue streams whatsoever.

So, how does the affiliate earn profits?

Is it by clicking on any random post, sharing ad links, and referring people to the site?

Some keen observers can piece the strings together and realize there is more to the site than tasks.

For one, the T&C requires every member to allow Gainvest to access their IP addresses, accept emails unconditionally, set subscription to auto-renew, etc. At this point, Gainvest is at liberty to increase the service fee.

What can you do about it as an affiliate? Nothing

The T&C actually enables this digital ID hack. You can check this part of the T&C to verify that the site doesn’t offer any cut-and-dried blueprint for generating profits.

There is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income and you accept the risk of investment and that the returns earnings and income statements differ by individual

So, there it is. Affiliates are opting for a program from anonymous persons, giving up their personal info, and relying on a severance notice before the deal even starts.

Acquiring an SEC license mitigates the extent of investors’ rights violation, covering the funds at least. Without this due diligence, Gainvest could liberally alter rules to its benefit.

Moreover, the company provides a fake CAC Rc registration number on its website. The registered entity is a limited company under Peter Ayodeji, although the authenticity of the document is questionable.

As it happens, there are several Gainvest brands on the internet, with the one in question being the only Gainvest Ng. It’s not surprising since La Buena Vida is similarly a delegated PR stunt from Asia.

Should you Check It Out?

Nothing is busier than a Ponzi website login portal until people lose their money en masse. You’d likely run into a similar experience on Gainvest.


We merely explain the Gainvest Login procedure in this post for enlightenment. Our site does not promote the platform nor drive traffic to it. You should read the terms of service thoroughly to avoid falling for a scam. Apply user discretion

Below is how the Gainvest Login procedure works.

How to Sign in to your Account Profile

You can use any of these two Gainvest Login methods to access your profile.

  1. Online web sign in

The company doesn’t have any mobile apps. So, you can access your dashboard in this way.

  • Open a reliable web browser.
  • Search Gainvest Ng Login.
  • Preferably, you can click on the menu icon (three short bars) on the homepage.
  • Then click on the Gainvest Member Login slip.
  • Enter your sign-in details (email address, coupon address, password, etc.)

Alternatively, you can try the option below.

  1. Use Membership Coupon

Instead of the previous option, you can sign in to your account with this method.

  • Click on your permanent coupon link.
  • Enter the confirmation password and email address.
  • Then confirm the details.

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