Glo Code | Shortcodes and USSDs for Glo Mobile Data Subscriptions

Glo Code ­_ ­Get a list of the available Glo USSD codes for Data Subscriptions, checking Airtime balance, Phone number, and more.

The shortcodes are actually the users’ self-help template, with fast and direct access to either the CS end or the operators. Once the dial starts rolling, users can relay lines of otherwise written directions using only several figures and characters. That is the beauty of it.

Do you need a code for your daily, weekly, or monthly subscriptions? If your answer is yes, check this article for the Glo Data subscription USSD, including codes for the various Night Plan tariffs.

Each code may or may not have sub-menu for selecting other options apart from the designated function. For example, the *777# USSD gets you to a Glo data plan tariff, with other options for Daily, Weekly, or Monthly plan.

You may also want to cross-check your previous codes (before 2017) against the current batch since Glo has provided other channels. It would ensure you have zero glitches running the quicklink services on you mobile device.

Read on below for details. Check Glo Website

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Glo Code: Shortcodes & USSDs for You


You can’t switch Glo Code and short links between networks. If a combination is valid for, say, Glo and MTN, it wouldn’t lead to the same tariff. Besides, there isn’t much of a point relying on coincidences instead of getting the valid USSDs.

Some of the more common Glo Code combinations are as shown below.

*134*YYY# (the three Ys represent numerals) for Glo Top Up

Data bundle code _ dial *127# and select a plan that suits your budget

Customer Care _ dial 121 (It’s a hotline and works all-week)

Check Glo Data Balance _ dial *124# 

Family & Friends _ *125*1#

Packaging & Charging _ *125*2# 

Glo Call Center _ you can reach the call center via 100

Data Tariff/Plans _ you can subscribe for Glo data using *555#

For Tariff Information _ dial *124*3# and follow the prompt to select a plan

Share Data using Glo Great Savings on Data! _ complete the combinations in this USSD, *127*00*<NUMBER># (preferably, send the Glo number to 127 via SMS) to share data with up to three (3) different Glo lines.

If you need to run a USSD for editing phone number settings synced to your Glo line or tariff (contacts saved under Friend Family may have been linked to your data or credit plan), use the procedure in the following section.

How (USSD) to Check Glo Phone Number

You can check your mobile phone number using the following Glo Code USSD.

  • Unlock your mobile phone.
  • Enter the combination, *1244#, and dial it.
  • After a few seconds, you get a reply containing your Glo mobile phone number, including information attached to the sim registration period (on prod).

If you need advanced info on your sim card, refer to the directory at any Glo Customer Care Center that is close to you. You will have to provide enough details and proof to gain unique ownership access to the information you want.

Moreover, you can remove contacts from your Family & Friend List using the Glo Code below.

On your mobile phone (with the Glo sim card inserted), dial *101*3*<NUMBER>#. Then follow the prompt (if any) to complete the procedure. Conversely, you can add contacts to the list using *101*1*F&F NUMBER#.

To modify numbers in the list, dial *101*2*OLD NUMBER*NEW NUMBER#

Blackberry phone users can get the Glo tariff menu via *777#.

Additionally, you can use *400# to check that a Glo number is registered.


In the case of fraud or stolen SIM card, send 02xxxxxxxx Sim box to 419

Always insert the Glo SIM in your mobile phone before using any Glo Code.

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