Glo Data | Subscription Codes and Prices for 2022

With the Glo Data USSD, you can get up to 7.2 GB of browsing data for thirty days without any hidden charges.

You only have to dial the correct Glo Data subscription USSD to get the available packages, from which you can select a suitable plan. The available USSD are *127*58# and *777#.

Once you dial the codes, you get a menu prompt detailing the Glo Packages and their subscription.

Why Dial the USSD?

There are many reasons you need enough data in Nigeria. Minus social media, online businesses need enough data to keep their hustle alive.

Previously, most areas in the outskirts don’t have access to 24-hour network coverage from most service providers in Nigeria. Globacom chose to bridge the gap and change the story for good. That is why it started the 4G LTE network, creating fast and steady internet connectivity for many Nigerians.

Currently, the locals can easily establish a quick link to a Glo user in the UK, It is all possible with the right channel.

Apart from the Nigerian user base, other West African countries are already key to the data surplus that the company affords to stay on the internet.

Moreover, the telecom company has other cross-continental projects underway after the Nigeria-UK fiber optic relay channel. Providing data node freebies for small subscriptions is one of the treats you can expect from Glo.

No other network provider in Nigeria gives as much data as Glo. Yet, here is a new rollout, all for you!

See the available Glo Data packages in this article.

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Glo Data: Available Packages

You can get packages for subscriptions in the range of ₦100 to ₦2000.

Each tier has sub packages depending on the valid period and package description. For example, you get data to offer valid for 24-hours/30 days and other packages that only last a day. But there are also weekly options and Night Plans.

Below are the available Glo Data from the highest to the least.

Monthly Plans

The USSD code, *777#, provides a menu for you to select data from these options _

138 GB (₦20,000) for thirty (30) days;

119GB (₦18,000) for thirty (30) days;

93GB (₦15,000) for thirty (30) days;

50GB (₦10,000) for thirty (30) days;

29.5GB (₦8000) for thirty (30) days;

18.25GB (₦5000) for thirty (30) days;

13.25GB (₦4000) for thirty (30) days;

7.7GB (₦2,500) for thirty (30) days;

5GB (₦2000) for thirty (30) days;

4.1GB (₦1,500) available for thirty (30) days; and

2.9GB (₦1000) for thirty (30) days.


You can get 10GB at ₦3000 for thirty (30) days using the same USSD as above.

Weekly Plans

You can as well get a Weekly Plan using the *777# subscription code to select from the options for each package.

It amounts to seven gigabytes (7GB) per week.

Also, the subscription price is ₦1500.

Upon dialing the *777# USSD, you can select an appropriate plan from the drop-down menu containing the valid options for you. If you want to roll over unused data, click on the prop-up notification on your screen and opt for Roll Over Unused Data (it allows you to keep using your remaining data after the validity period expires).


  • The weekly Glo Data plan helps you take moments between weeks to avoid accumulating unnecessary data costs.
  • Also, it is good for users to count on low-budget data plans for data needs.

Special Offer _ one gigabyte (1GB) Night Plan for ₦200 (USSD is *127#).

Daily Glo Data Plans

Instead of the monthly and weekly packages, choose any of these daily Glo Data plans to continue enjoying internet access.

₦100 (Daily Plan)

It offers _ 

150MB via the USSD, *127#, available for one (1) day;

1GB via the USSD, *127#, available for a day from 12 am to 5 am;

Campus Booster (100NB), available for two (2) days via *777#.

₦200 Daily Night Plan

It Offers _ 

350MB via the USSD, *777#, available for two (2) days;

1GB via the USSD, *777#, available for one (1) day;

Campus Booster (200MB), available for two (2) days at ₦200

₦500 Night Plan

14-days valid Offer _ 1.35GB for two (2) weeks (*127*57# or *777#)

2-days valid offer _ 2GB, dial *777#

Campus Booster _ 500MB for one week, dial *777#

Weekend-only valid offer _ 3GB (*127*61#)

₦1000 Glo Data Plan

30-days valid Offer _ 2GB, dial *777# or *127*53# 

Campus Booster _ 1GB at ₦1000 for fifteen (15) days

₦2000 Glo Data Plan

30-days valid offer _ 4.5GB, dial *777# or *127*55#

30-days Campus Booster _ 2GB, dial *777#

₦2500 Glo Data Plan

7.2GB _ available for thirty (30) days, dial *777# or *127*58#

Select the 7.2GB plan from the *777# sub-package.

₦3000 Glo Data Plan

If you dial the USSD code, *127*54#, you get an offer of 8.8GB at ₦3000 for thirty (30) days.

Alternatively, you can select the option from the tiers when you dial *777#.

Keep a tab on this site for other data stacks for grabs. Enjoy your package!

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