Kiakia Loan App Review | Loan Eligibility, How to Apply, Pros & Cons

Kiakia Loan App Review

Kiakia Loan App Review: attempting to close credit transaction disparity, Kiakia offers an app to Nigeria’s FinTech ecosystem.

Well-funded companies, propped by comprehensive insurance and sufficient hedging girds, reportedly dominate the process of loan acquisition in the country.

Although we could not access this data (while writing this article), we found several sources estimating similar results on the creditor/debt landscape.

Against this backdrop, Kiakia provides a catch for myriads of small enterprises spiraling out of business due to inadequate funds. The company offers its Kiakia Loan App.

So, what is this application? What can you do with it? 

Learn all you need to know about Kiakia, including its loan terms, Kiakia investment (including interests), and more in this article. Read on below for details.

Kiakia Loan App Review: About the Company

The platform has a relatable prelude to its business roadmap, putting down the slack between Nigeria’s upscale one-percenter elite class and the sprawling SMEs to 85%.

Kiakia briefly analyzes the situation for small businesses, eventually offering its loan app as a ready solution.

Here is a clip from the official website.

Kiakia Loan App Review

So, our Kiakia Loan App Review learned that the company, Kiakia, began in 2016 as the trade lead and a tech front. Impliedly, it is not a bank fixture, although it may be a subsidiary of Sterling Bank.

Kiakia does not restrain operations to on-the-side loans (like personal loans). Instead, it musters full drafts for giving out secure and unsecured loans to eligible businesses, preferring SMEs with growth prospects.

In simple terms, Kiakia is there to accelerate the start-up journey of many enterprises.

Also, Kiakia places a strong emphasis on finding competitive advantages for customers, breaking down the odds to provide hitch-free services.

The most striking part of the loan deal from Kiakia is that it is lenient on clients that lack enough credit to borrow money. The crucial covers involve areas like lack of credit information, start-up status, inadequate recommendation, etc.

Has it made any achievements so far?

Our Kiakia Loan App Review can infer some success from the website. The clip below hints as much.

We have organically grown, profiled (sic) and dealt with over 323,000+ users as a mix of individuals and MSMEs from all over Nigeria. 

Moreover, the covered areas include food production, manufacturing, contract, extraction, etc.

Besides proffering loan solutions to fledgling enterprises, does the company have any shop/trade/exchange media? The answer is yes.

See the following section of this Kiakia Loan App Review for details.

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Kiakia Peer to Peer

Kiakia offers a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending application, which boasts more than five thousand (500,000) downloads on launch, to foster an exchange atmosphere among clients.

Also, the applicable rates are flexible (utterly in the control of the involved parties), depending on the volume of orders/requests between the borrower (SME) and the lender.

Accordingly, lenders (also Kiakia partners?) can join available tenures such as the ones below.

  • Six (6) months
  • Twelve Months
  • Thirty-six (36) months

Is the app limited to only Nigerian users?

Of course not. Anyone, any eligible partner can list on the mobile P2P app.

Over ninety (90) listings are available on the application due to participants from Australia, Russia, the USA, UK, Qatar, and so on, according to KiaKia.

Kiakia Loan App Review: how about the investment part?

If you want to invest in the company, visit the Kiakia Loan App download link on Appstore or Play store. You can select a suitable plan by consulting the advertised interests and tenures.

However, the problem is that Kiakia does not seem to have any product for prospective borrowers in these places, preferring to launch features from a web portal. (It detracts from the company since it hampers usability and access)

See how to apply for a loan below.

How to Acquire a Loan

You can secure a loan from this company using the following procedure.

Select Get a Loan on the official web homepage.

Subsequently, follow the prompt (Mr. K) to complete the request form.

The complete application process is more demanding. It requires you to provide the following details.

  • Create a Kiakia account.
  • Follow the loan prompt (as in above).
  • Provide all relevant documents like ID, BVN (to stall fraud), PDF format description of last strings of incomes, etc.
  • Indicate the loan tenure
  • Tick the box for Agree to Terms & Conditions
  • Finally, verify your bank accounts

Note that loan reviews typically occur in a few minutes (as our Kiakia Loan App Review finds on the website).

Kiakia Loan App Review: Eligibility Criteria

Although listing partners include non-Nigerians, the condition is different for borrowers’ qualifying criteria. Here are the requirements.

Applicants _ not less than twenty-one (21) years old _ must live in Nigeria, and have a BVN with an active account in a functional commercial bank in the country.

Identifiable/Verifiable income source and valid ID (check the website for specifications)

A PDF format copy of proof of successive six-month income, which must be obtained in near as consecutive dates as possible

So far, the terms are amenable to the current dynamics of small enterprises. But are they the best options? Could the company have done more? See the section below for answers.

Pros & Cons

At the outset, we intend to review the Kiakia loan app for usability for SMEs in Nigeria. Here is a list of pros, and cons, culminating from our findings.


Kiakia offers inclusive terms, lowering the bar for inadequately accredited businesses to get loans.

It does not extract fixed rates, allowing borrowers to access the contract conveniently.

There is no need for a go-between (third parties).

Minimized paperwork (which follows the target to bypass bureaucratic information before offering loans)


Despite the effort to reach the end-users (SMEs in Nigeria), Kiakia does not have any loan applications. Our Kiakia Loan App Review finds this to be a crucial detractor from the company. It’s no use hoping for the big picture if Kikia defaults on the small promises.

Moreover, there are no borrowers’ reviews, independent of any opinions already espoused by the company.

Ultimately, everything hinges on the Kiakia Loan App. Since it is not available yet, we withhold our verdict. (You can check this post for updates)

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