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Opay Login –Opay seems to be a commercial hub in Nigeria. Also, it is currently reaching other parts of the country and outside the country as well. Opera is the current owner of Opay. Moreover, the App is modified to reduce the rate of nuisance in making payments in Africa.

Opay originally called Opera Payment is one of the most well-known payment platforms in Nigeria.

It’s widely utilized in various cities from Zamfara and Borno in the North to Benue and Niger in the Middle Belt to the Delta and Rivers in the South-South and Abia and Imo in the South East.

Advantages of Opay

You can get to use the Opay app by downloading it from a Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store or by visiting the Opay web. Advantages available in the platform include:

  •  Payment of electricity bills
  •  Data and Airtime Purchase
  •  Funding of a bet9ja account
  •  Funding of money to microfinance banks
  • Payment of university tutorial fees
  •  Payment for WAEC
  •  Funding of Cowry Card
  •  Making governmental payments
  •  Flight and Hotel bookings
  • Payment of TV subscriptions such as DSTV, GOTV and

The advantages of Opay are vast and if you haven’t started using it, you better do. Opay doesn’t impose charges when to services like banks and financial institutes but includes discounts when it comes to services like purchasing data and airtime.

Opay Login – How to Sign-up for an Opay Account

You can Sign-up using either the downloaded mobile app from the Google Play Store on your device or from the Opay Web.
To create an account using the Opay App, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Google Play Store on your mobile device or on Apple App Store for iOS Devices.
  •  Search for the Opay app using the search bar above.
  •  Click on the Opay app to install.
  • Once completed, click on open to launch the app and proceed to registration.

How to Login into your Opay Account using the Opay Account.

When you open the downloaded mobile app, you create an account by following the procedures below:

  • Click on the Opay App to Launch it, then click on ‘Create new account’.
  • Your mobile number will be required of you. Ensure that the mobile number is active and correct. An OTP code will be sent to the number which you will input in the box below your number.
  •  Once the OTP code is added, click on ‘Confirm’ to proceed.
  •  A six-digit password will be created by you which you will use to access your new Opay account.
  • After your password is saved, you’ll need to fill in your details.
  •  Once that is completed, you can start enjoying the many features available on Opay.

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Signing –up Using the Opay Web

Below are the steps to follow when signing up with the Opay web:

  • Open the Opera Browser on your Mobile device or Laptop.
  •  Click on the cashback option that is being displayed.
  • The page shows an impressive cashback ad. Cancel the ad by clicking on the cancel button at the top right of the page.
  • Proceed to the upper right corner of the following page and then click on the login button.
  • Input your Opay-linked mobile number and password. Opay will require a Verification if it’s your first time using Opera.
  •  You’ll receive an OTP either through text message or call. You can also get an SMS message with your OTP via the USSD number by dialing *347*010#

Opay Login – How to Fund Your Opay Wallet

On the Opay App homepage, click on the ‘Add Money’ option to fund your account. You can fund your Opay wallet using:

  • Your bank app
  • Top-up
  • Sending a money request
  •  Getting a paycheck from EaseMoni
  •  Opay Deposit

How to Transfer Money Using Opay

Opay allows its users to make transfers to other Nigerian bank accounts and to Opay users. To transfer money using Opay, log in to your account and click on the Transfers tab in the Opay app dashboard.

If transferring to a Nigerian bank account, click on the Bank Account option and select the bank you wish to transfer money into, input the account number, amount, and then an optional message. Click Done when all details is complete. You will then confirm payment to proceed.

When transferring to a fellow Opay user, click on the Transfer to Opay Account. Input the account number, amount to transfer and an optional message. Click on Done, then select a payment channel and confirm your PIN.


Is Opay a Reliable and Legitimate Banking App?

The answer is Yes. Opera is the owner of Opay. Nigerians in Africa and outside Africa enjoy using the Opay mobile app.

Can I fund my Opay Account Using a Bank transfer?

Opay wallet can be funded using your bank app, Opay deposit. This is done by imputing your account number in the space required and the amount to be transferred.

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