Real Estate Review | 4 Best Real Estate Agents in the World

Real Estate Review _ with thousands of realtors across many cities and even countries, these top 4 world realtors make your dream house a reality.

Some of them are as old as it gets, going back through the housing crisis and the Great Depression to the ‘70s. But they are still in business today, with more sales quotes in the ledger than before.

How does this concern the reader?

You might be wondering where you come into the picture. The thing is that most people aren’t great fans of the suburbs regardless of any close markets, schools, or workplaces. People want to be in the thick of the workforce ecosystem for various reasons that definitely include finance.

So, you can read the top four if you want the best deal placing an order to buy a house or rent an apartment.

On the other hand, this Real Estate Review could help with locating a countryside or villa house. Our top 4 are reputable companies with an extensive network in the business.

Read on below for details.

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Real Estate Review: Century 21 (Formerly Century 20)

Founded in 1971, Century 21 grew from a little family of ten to a real estate entity that employs about two thousand (2000) agents every year.

That’s a cue to the customer.

If a company is big on prospects, it gets competent hands to handle tiers of customer housing needs, regardless of the country or state. Century 21 has been on a steady growth since it was founded, brokering for customers from all over the world.

The Stats _

About eleven thousand six hundred separately-run brokers employing more than ten times as many agents

In case an offshore plug was required, Century 21 could render services in up to eighty (80) countries in which it has its branches operate.

Keeping in touch with the times, the company has broadened T&C descriptors, including the PR aspect to appeal to trends while retaining its core values and achievements.

Moreover, the official website has a search feature that provides easy guides through the catalogs. Alternatively, the customer can contact an agent (preferably one that understands the local’s vicinity and spoken language variety).

One of the best online tools yet at any realtor’s disposal is a mortgage calculator.

Still, our Real Estate Review finds Affordability Calculator, Refinancing Calculator, Amortization Calculator, etc. on the Century 21 website.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Clients often avoid one thing most of all in an agent, and that thing is “bad name”. It’s a deal-breaker for 98% of clients. Even those that may consider a trial often require lots of insurance, disclosures, and license. You don’t want to go through all that long process.

If a good name does the magic for you, consider contacting Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. It belongs to Warren Buffet.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices started in the US but grew into a real estate giant with over three hundred thousand sold quotes to its credit. Please, note that this figure is even conservative, considering that the entity has geared up for 2022.

The Stats _

You can find the same features in Century 2 in the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices web service portal.

Moreover, the business integrates up to ninety (90) real estate branches, extending its services to many countries. See the website

The next in this series arguably has the largest spread for any real estate agent on the ground in the US. See our Real Estate Review section below for details.

eXp Realty

US residents can access up to forty thousand (40000) agents under this company.

It is one of the fastest-rising brokerages comparable to the top echelon real estate companies, if only for the US customer base. eXp doesn’t cut the picture for people looking to get first-rate exclusive brokerage in, say, West Africa or Asia. See the website


Real estate startup renaissance in Asia and Asia is competing with the US-headquarter top 4s in this Real Estate Review. The client’s choice will depend on factors like convenience, commission, security, access, and more.


Although this company broke in Denver, Colorado, it began a steady peak-climbing from an offshore branch in Calgary, Alberta.

Its growth and progress exemplified the core values in the workplace, with themes centered on clinching lofty spots. The RE/MAX balloon logo depicts this aerial vision. 2022 makes it nine (9) years that RE/MAX lists on the New York Exchange. See the website

The Stats _

  • Typical online services and on-ground agents working in many branches
  • Offers one of the best commissions, which is a clue to growth and enterprise
  • Over twenty thousand dollars ($20000) cap for realtors

Real Estate Review: Conclusion


Our Real Estate Review picks the 4 best real estate options for both US-resident and international customers. If you want a brokerage in tune with the housing dynamics in your locality, use a brokerage list from popular client feedback sites in your vicinity.

RE/MAX stands out as one of the most sought-after world real estate companies, considering realtor/client experience and company growth stats.

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