Validus Singapore | P2P Lender Set to bolster SMEs with Loans

Validus Singapore

Validus Singapore has raised over $100 million in funds as part of its paradigm Peer-2-Peer SME loan in Singapore.

Financial facilitators with access to grassroots firms rarely cross the hundred million dollar threshold. Yet Validus beat the mark in a cumulative funding report buoyed by Temasek.

Although the feat might’ve been expected of a high-toned render, it strikes as a reassuring barrier breaker for hundreds of impacted small and medium scale businesses in the country. It also doubles as a trust emblem for small enterprises looking to get the most out of a short-term deal.

Further, the feedback is in line with requisites for a reliable lender (or enabler) in this regard, with Validus securing approved loans in less than twenty-four (24) hours.

How does it work? Perhaps, as a start-up interest, you wish to know about Validus? If your answer is yes, read this article for information.

Validus Singapore: Overview

The offsetting start of Validus on the Singaporean financial landscape follows on the heels of the company acquiring Capital Markets License (CMS). It sharply contrasts the project from other attempts in that field.

How did Validus pull this off?

A more intriguing question is, how long did it take to get through with the prelims? There are aspects of the company’s pre-$100 million business history that propelled it into the auspicious boom it currently enjoys.

If you keep a tab on Singaporean financial news, you probably know about Vertex Ventures, a subsidiary of Temasek Holdings.

The best part of this report lies in Vertex ventures propping Validus as proprietors. But then we’d barely scratched the surface if we stopped at that point.

Networking between financial units, including the proprietary arc, comprise the rigging of the entire corporate structure of Validus Singapore. Vertex Holdings would fortify this framework with crowdsourcing technology, intending to cover the heuristics between the sprawling SMEs in the country on the one hand and their lending contractor on the other end.

Morover, the company takes the media spotlight for coopting innovative research on risk management from the National University of Singapore Risk Management Institute (NUS-RMI).  

Although the scope of this post does not foray into details of the NUS-RMI research, we found hints that it is a crowdsource program similar to a machine learning cohort. The AI used in this project is tasked with discovering mutually profitable, minimal risk contracts between the lender (Validus Singapore) and the borrower.

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Who heads Validus (the CEOs)?

The company Co-founder and part CEO is Ajit Raikar.

His business history pivots on the need to cater to hundreds of indigenous SMEs hampered by the risks of borrowing on risk-ridden contracts.

Ajit projects that the fledged business proposal for SMEs will veer Validus towards its one billion dollar target.

He is not alone on this path since Vertex Holdings CEO Kee Lock Chua shares similar faith in the progress of Validus, especially in speeding up the rise of small and medium enterprises in Singapore. 

According to Kee, the most fulfilling deal is cut from a subsidiary effectively delivering services to target consumers. Keying up to the tasks is the watchword here. So far, Validus lives up to expectations, according to CEO Kee.

The current Validus Co-founder & Executive Chairman is Vikas Nahata, who has carved a niche in Telecom Software, Real Estate, and Manufacturing. 

What Can Validus do for you?

There is a lot to unload in the aspect of Validus Service in light of the company breaking the $100,000 mark.

Currently, you can access the following offers as advertised on the official website. (Note that the deal is about providing/sourcing capital loans to SMEs)

The best offers are:

  • Up to $100,000 loan without any collateral,
  • Only two (2) documents are required,
  • Non-generic (personalized), low interest starting from 8.3% per annum,
  • And an approved loan application within 24 hours.

See the clip below. (You can check the official website for details)

However, as with all business loans, Validus Singapore sets criteria for prospective applicants to the above offers. What do you need to qualify for the loan?

The terms are conciliatory, of course. It only requires an SME to have an ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) registration as a private limited company. (Also check the site for more details)

Further Notes:

Validus Singapore provides a broad cache of financial assistance to SMEs in south-east Asia, including the fields below.

Enterprise Financing Scheme (EFS)

Invoice Financing

Working Capital Loan

Purchase Order Financing

Although there is a concerted effort to boot the investment category on the website, the news does not relay much information about popular Validus Partners.

Regardless, the company already bags laudations from local enterprises. When Validus won the Winner of MAS Fintech Awards 2020, offered by SG Financial Institution, it solidified its position as a reliable competitor in the field.

Other awards include Global Business Outlook, 2020; Excellence in Finance Companies, Finext Awards, 2019; Most Preferred Alternative Investment, ShareInvestor Awards 2019, etc.

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