Videomine Review | Stream and Share Videos for N150 Daily Profit | Legit?

Videomine says it is an online skills acquisition center that  sells products like tutorials, books, and courses.

None of the details on their site is legit. The company is actually a copycat, mimicking a Media Project Management System (MPMS) company, Videomine Io.

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Videomine Overview

Here is what you’d find on the original non-MLM Videomine website

Daily cognizance of internet goings-on, organizing replies, and responses are chaotic for most companies, according to the About Us page. Quite the legit PR! So, the company is here to provide some tangible values.

It doesn’t explicitly state the scope of services in the usual tabular form. However, the homepage contains an advert for consultation. Going by this information, we can conclude that Videomine has some deals cut with businesses looking for exposure online.

But there is a catch (more than one actually).

Nothing on the site confirms any deals whatsoever. has a blog chronicling achievements and progress reports. Guess how much content is on it so far? Only a faint-print gratuitous post about winning an award

The blog, similarly a favorite MLM gimmick, is unreliable, although the site doesn’t look MLM.

Any scammer could latch onto the loopholes to project a false image to the public, especially in a different jurisdiction. That is why you’d see a slipshod copycat like Videomine Org, latching on the company name of Videomine Io to gain traction.

 As it happens, the company is already offering ROIs. Unlike the MPMS primer, this one is baiting people with rewards and bonuses. You can contrast the offers from both entities here:

MPMS _ says that affiliates can earn profits by signing up on the Basic Pan (for free), something we don’t see with MLMs. It even offers services in the free cache. For example, you can access these values:

  • Five (5) embeds,
  • Five (5) Collaborators and as many projects,
  • Also, fifteen gigabytes (15 GB), and
  • Five Guests.

The values are the bare minimum actually, which is fair enough since they are available for free.

Also, it has links to Beemlive and Cut2it (referenced and introduced in the blog), suggesting that they may be business partners (or more plausibly, the same company). Beemlive is vested in video conferencing, multisync recording, and simultaneous screen recording.

Cut2it is also another fledgling aspect of the business. As per the actual recording, you can see pinned posters on the Beemlive website.

Platform Clones a Different Company

On the flip side, the Org brand trending in Nigeria is on an entirely different path. Here are some highlights.

The one obvious glitch with the MLM version of this brand is that it claims to have a CAC Registration in Nigeria. We took the liberty of checking the CAC public search, with the result that nothing turns up for Videomine, showing that the U.S. Company doesn’t know that its spoofed UI accepts deposits for ROIs (MLM).

Please, note that we do not vouch for any services related to either brand, only that the MLM site is amateurish and too unprofessional to be legit. Speaking of services, what does the company offer?

Videomine How it Works

The deal is to stream, comment on, and share a video uploaded on the site and earn profits.

But that’s not all. You’d actually have to deposit money to boot a pay cycle. Upon signing up, you get N1000 as a bonus. Also, the platform pays per click on a video, meaning that nobody needs to watch them at all.

What kind of promotional does not require the viewers to engage with the uploaded content? It is counterproductive and different from Videomine Io.

By skimming over videos, you earn one hundred and fifty (150) naira per vid. If you kept this up at the rate of thirty clicks per day for one week, you got twenty-one thousand (21000) Naira. That is some eighty thousand per month for an average viewer. Of course, it would depend on Videomine limiting the uploaded videos to a set number after reaching a viewer base threshold. However, the bonus-tied referral aspect of the project is not sustainable.

At a glance:

  • One hundred and fifty naira (N150) for watching videos on the site
  • Two hundred naira (N200) for sharing the videos on your social media accounts
  • A hundred naira (N100) for visiting the site daily

Moreover, you earn one thousand four hundred naira (N1400) for referring people to the platform.

That’s around two thousand naira (N2000) per day.

Is it Legit?

No, Videomine simply isn’t a legitimate platform. The reasons are already highlighted in this article.

The PRs promoting the two thousand naira per day business are looking to make away with people’s money. Check that most spoofed business sites amount to zero use to the investors. In the end, people lose money. Don’t fall for the scam.

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